Ashton Mazik of Worcester, Massachusetts is a behavioral therapist who works with children by day and rides a Lyft by night, trying to earn some money. When this company first introduced its services in the market, people were a bit hesitant about whether it was safe for them to go on joint peer rides with complete strangers.

However, over time everyone has realized how much time and money is saved by using Lyft services and how all of these drivers are trustworthy people who will do anything what they can for the safety of their customers.

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A few days ago, when Ashton quit the night and went home. He was tired from the long shift and just wanted to go home and rest before going to his day job early in the morning.

However, right after he parked the car in the parking lot, he noticed a trembling animal-like figure. He took pity on it and decided to get closer when he discovered that it was not an animal but a two-year-old girl.

It was already three in the morning and Ashton couldn’t figure out what a very young child was doing outside in the cold, or how she had gotten there in the first place. The first thing he did was call his mother who lived in the same building and asked her to bring a blanket.

His mother Vida Mazik quickly rushed over. They took the girl inside and tried to warm her up before calling the police and reporting the accident.

Veda said:

“Her feet were numb. I kept saying, ‘Does this hurt?’ And she couldn’t feel me rubbing her feet.”

The girl was taken to hospital and received help for her tremors

Police later told Ashton how the girl managed to run away from home while her grandmother, who was supposed to babysit her while her mother worked late, slept.

After leaving her house barefoot and in light clothing, she was lost and unsure of how to find her way back, so she gathered next to the building’s main entrance. That’s when Ashton bumped into her.

This incident with history has spread far and wide. Ashton has been contacted by several media outlets. He said: & nbsp;

“I don’t know how long she was there, but I’m really grateful, you know, that I was there when I was there.”

Veda doesn’t like the idea of ​​her son working late, but now she’s grateful he worked that night and she saw the young spirit needing help.

The toddler’s family is beyond grateful to both Ashton and Vida for stepping in for their little girl. These mother and son are real angels

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