Ruby Stewart, born in 1987 as the fourth child of the iconic Rod Stewart, arrived after her father’s rockstar heydays. Rod Stewart’s history of marriages to renowned fashion models, some of whom graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, led two of his daughters to pursue careers in modeling, a path Ruby also embarked on, thanks to her inherited model-worthy looks from her mother, Kelly Emberg.

Ruby initially found success as a lingerie model but, by 2010, she decided to pivot towards her father’s musical legacy. She established a rock band in Los Angeles, though this project had a relatively short run, as reported by Express & Star.

As Ruby contemplated her musical journey, she drew inspiration from her father, a versatile artist known for exploring various genres to craft chart-topping hits. Recognizing the suitability of her sweet and feminine voice for American country music, Ruby made a transition from art rock to a more folk-oriented sound that paid homage to her Southern California roots. This transformation gave birth to “The Sisterhood,” a musical duo that even had the honor of opening for Rod Stewart during his tours.

This connection might explain why we still cherish their rendition of “Forever Young,” a timeless Bob Dylan classic from 1973. Among the myriad versions of “Forever Young,” you’ve likely encountered Rod Stewart’s cover multiple times, as it achieved significant popularity in the late 1980s

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