A pit bull was found on a hiking trail in Folly Beach, South Carolina, attached to a “no dogs” sign with a sad note attached. He pleaded with someone to take the dog and give him a nice home.

“Hi! I’m an adulterer. My companions couldn’t keep me. I’m very friendly. I don’t bite and I just need a home,” the message read.

Tanya Nikitas and her son Finn passed by and saw a mixture of black and white panting in the sun. I immediately called the local Rescue Pet Helpers to get the abandoned dog to safety.

The dog had no food or water, only a roll of duct tape they used to display the sad tune. Tanya found the dog incredibly well-behaved as she waited with him for the rescuers to arrive. Zanny was very nice to Phin and sat with them like the good boy he is.

Although the dog’s name was Zanny, rescuers named him Folly after the place where he was rescued. A veterinary examination revealed that the dog was in good condition except for a small rash on its stomach.

The bull was obviously well taken care of until it was abandoned, but it is good that these people found him as they did on such a hot day.

The crap was vaccinated, dewormed, e-chip, sterilized, and he maintained his energetic and positive attitude through it all. The dog loves everyone he meets and just wants to roam and play

The crap will be ready for adoption once he has fully recovered from his spaying. The shelter is in the process of collecting the names of interested families and hopes to put it in a permanent home within a few weeks.

An active family that would take him for walks and to the park would be ideal. But Folly is also a cuddle bug and likes to snuggle up with their owners at night. He deserves the best home after all he’s been through.

If you would like to adopt Folly, you can complete an application on the Pet Helpers website.

h/t The Dodo

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