As the motorcyclist started to merge onto the road, the woman accelerated and obstructed his path, not only preventing his merge but also deliberately pushing him into oncoming traffic. Despite the motorcyclist’s attempts to get her attention due to the perilous situation, she simply laughed and disregarded his plea.

Coincidentally, a police patrol car happened to be nearby. After the motorcyclist crossed the intersection, he signaled the police officer for help. The officer, upon hearing the account, was prepared to take action as the entire incident had been captured on a traffic camera. Directing the motorcyclist to follow, the officer activated his lights and pulled over the woman in the grey sedan.

The woman was issued two moving violations for hazardous lane changes and passing on the right. The motorcyclist documented the incident on YouTube, commending the officer for his proactive approach and swift handling of the situation. Considering the woman’s earlier laughter at the motorcyclist’s plea for safety, the man undoubtedly enjoyed a well-deserved chuckle of his own

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