Recently, a controversial incident happened on America’s Got Talent that left viewers dumbfounded. Many believe it was an accident, but it seems to have been something more deliberate. The incident involved Judge Simon and fellow Judge Mel B, who was also a judge on the show.

The incident happened when there was a technical issue on set and MC asked Simon what he thought about it. What he said next was unexpected to say the least. Simon notes that the situation felt like Mel B’s wedding night, despite the fact that she is now divorced. This comment was clearly a joke, but it’s a comment that Mel B really couldn’t handle.

In a fit of rage, Mel B stood up and opened her can of water, pouring it all over Simon in revenge for his insensitive remark. The audience was stunned by the sudden outburst, and then Mel B burst into the group. She later brought the situation to light by joking about it.

If you want to see this incredible moment for yourself, you can watch the clip of the accident. It’s a moment that will leave you speechless, and it’s no wonder so many people are talking about it. Just be sure to hit that SHARE button to spread the word about what happened on America’s Got Talent.

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