Security Camera Captures Coyote Attack on Neighborhood Dog

A recently surfaced video captured by a neighborhood security camera has shocked residents and pet owners alike. The video shows a coyote attacking a small dog, and attempting to carry it away.

Despite living in the neighborhood for a considerable amount of time, none of the residents had ever seen a coyote in the area. Unfortunately, the adaptable creatures are known to thrive in suburban environments, and this incident is a stark reminder of that fact.

The victim of the attack was a small Chihuahua named Trixxie, who was fighting for her life against the predator. The incident occurred at seven in the morning, with no prior reports of coyote activity in the area.

The footage of the attack is difficult to watch, as Trixxie can be seen trying to defend herself against the much larger coyote. Despite her best efforts, the coyote managed to get a hold of her and attempted to carry her away.

Thankfully, Trixxie’s cries for help alerted a nearby Rottweiler, who rushed to her rescue. The heroic dog chased off the coyote and saved Trixxie from certain death.

Pet owners in the area have been advised to remain vigilant and take appropriate precautions to protect their furry friends from potential coyote attacks. This includes keeping an eye on pets while outside, especially during early morning and late evening hours.

The incident has served as a reminder of the need to coexist with wildlife in our communities, and to take steps to keep both humans and animals safe

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