A pet store employee named Eve became suspicious when a couple brought in a dog and didn’t know anything about it, including its price, food preferences, and age. Another employee joined Eve in her suspicion and decided to check online for any reports of a missing dog matching the description of the one brought in by the couple.

Fortunately, they came across a message from a woman named Francoeur, who had reported her dog Vango missing and included a picture of him. Eve recognized the name Vango and realized that she was the one who had trained him. She called out his name and Vango immediately jumped into her arms.

Despite Eve’s rescue of Vango, the couple still claimed that the dog belonged to them. However, when Eve showed them Francoeur’s message and picture of Vango, they changed their story, saying they found him in the woods. Not convinced, Eve called Francoeur and waited with Vango until she arrived. Francoeur was grateful to have her beloved dog back and thanked Eve for saving him. She also filed a complaint with the police against the kidnappers.

Francoeur expressed her gratitude for Eve’s actions, stating that if the couple had not brought Vango to the pet store, she may never have been reunited with him. The case is now being investigated by the police. The incident highlights the importance of vigilance and the use of online resources in locating missing pets.

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