Life was not the same when this old woman by the name of Tona Herdon, aged 78, lost her husband.

After being buried for two weeks, Tona made an effort to go and visit the grave he was laid in, just to recall the wonderful past moments they shared together. While she was at her husband’s grave, Tona was robbed her purse which contained $700 by an assaulter.

When the locality heard of the sad news, they acted quickly and got hold of the robber and put his picture on TV.

Christian Lunsford, his son, could not stand on his feet when he saw the news broadcast that his dad had done such an act. Actually, he had not heard from his father since his parents parted ways.

Christian had seen his dad two weeks before he was aired on TV and he gave him $250 for a band trip that Christian had been yearning to attend.

Upon seeing what his dad had done to this old woman, he made plans to meet her at the parking space of a local church. He took the burden of his dad and apologized to the woman, and went further to give her the $250 which his dad had given him, as he thought it was part of the money that his daddy stole from her.

She actually took the money back but Christian never expected what she did after. Watch the video to see for yourself what Tona did after receiving the money.

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