A Southwest Airlines flight crew made a touching gesture for a breast cancer survivor on her way to Hawaii. Jyrl Oldham, who was flying with her husband Kevin and two other couples, was pleasantly surprised when the pilot took to the intercom to make a special announcement about her.

The pilot welcomed Jyrl on board and acknowledged her victory over late stage breast cancer. The announcement was made after Jyrl’s husband informed the airline about her special circumstances.

In a video posted on Instagram by Valeri Jones, the pilot spoke of the importance of coming together and taking care of each other. The video received a lot of attention and showed the power of compassion and empathy in the aviation industry.

The pilot’s announcement was a reminder of the close-knit community that exists within the aviation industry, where everyone is considered a part of a big family. The moment was a celebration of Jyrl’s victory over cancer and a beautiful tribute to her strength and courage.

The special shoutout was a heartwarming experience for Jyrl and her loved ones, and a touching reminder that even in the midst of life’s challenges, there is always reason to celebrate and be grateful.

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