St. Andrew’s School in Middletown, Delaware, shared a video featuring the graduating class of 2023 executing a prank on their principal, Joy McGrath. In the video, over 70 students patiently awaited inside a residence. When McGrath, sporting a bathrobe and Crocs slides, opened the door, she was taken aback by the unexpected sight and promptly closed it. After regaining her composure, McGrath reopened the door and greeted the entire class, whimsically addressing them as “Good morning, little bunnies.”

Following the greeting, laughter erupted among the students. McGrath then jokingly declared that they were all in trouble, pointing towards someone in the background, likely her husband, and remarking, “You are in the most trouble.” Curious about the duration of their presence, McGrath discovered they had been there for five hours, expressing amazement. Ultimately, she affectionately referred to her students as “commandos” and confessed that their presence was the most beautiful sight she had ever seen.

The video garnered reactions on TikTok and Instagram, with one Instagram commenter expressing relief that McGrath wore a robe, contrasting their own morning routine. On TikTok, someone hailed the prank as the best senior prank ever, while another user exclaimed, “Sleepover at the principal’s office is EPIC!!!!”

Some observers noted the evident affection the students had for their principal, while others questioned the logistics of entering McGrath’s residence, deeming the prank too risky. Addressing concerns, the school clarified that McGrath’s husband assisted the students in orchestrating the prank

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