During a filming session with fellow guides, Chris found himself accompanied by Jabu. In a playful gesture, Jabu extended his trunk and skillfully removed the tour guide’s hat, placing it upon his own head. Balancing it with his trunk, he proudly exhibited his newfound headwear. Chris and the other guides couldn’t help but burst into laughter, thoroughly amused by the comical sight.

After savoring the joviality for a brief moment, Jabu delicately returned the hat to Chris. Astonishingly, Chris mentioned that Jabu had not been trained to perform such antics; he simply acted on his own accord. Such an endearing and mischievous boy! Chris expressed that he had never witnessed anything quite like it before.

Jabu had developed such a close bond with the guides at the sanctuary camp that he instinctively knew how to bring smiles to their faces. Fortunately, Chris had his camera prepared, capturing this incredibly heartwarming moment for eternity

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