However, 17-year-old Cameron Cook of Boston did the exact opposite.
Cameron was with his mother at Target in Boston. While the mother was shopping, Cameron noticed something very strange. He saw a man approach a little girl.

The man was touching himself while looking at the girl. This made Cameron think something was really odd.

Cameron says the man had an “evil look” and knew something was seriously wrong.

Her mother insisted they stay away, but Cameron refused. He says:

Cameron told CBS, “I saw the guy hold on, and my mom was like, ‘Cam let’s go, we keep walking.’

Cameron turned out to be a very brave young man. It’s something that even his mother didn’t know.

Nor was she aware that Cameron was about to save the girl’s life from a horrific ordeal.

Cameron took a closer look at the man. Smell the alcohol. Besides constantly staring at the girl, we were touching each other in a very disturbing way. Cameron decided to act.

As soon as Cameron reached the man, he asked him if he knew the girl. The man’s response was:

“I’m not a pervert! I’m not a pervert!”

Cameron replied this:

“I didn’t ask you, sir.”

Cameron’s persistence paid off. Keep facing the man. Therefore, the strange man became uncomfortable and ran away from the store.

Thanks to Cameron, the girl remained safe and sound. If it were otherwise, the fate of the girl would be completely different.

The Boston Police Department also advises parents to watch their children.

As for the Boston Herald, Cameron says he doesn’t want recognition for his work. What he wants to achieve is to inspire others to be brave and stand up to such people.

He adds:

“Everyone has to have the courage to stand up. It’s not even about being brave, it’s just a person, a human being – anyone can come up and do something like that.”

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