Unfortunately, that was the case for 5-year-old Angel. Luckily, a grandmother stepped in and stopped things from getting worse. It all started with a phone call to the police. An anxious grandmother, Linda Pinsky, sensed something was terribly wrong.

Linda from North Carolina, USA hasn’t seen her granddaughter in months. I started to worry.

She finally decided to pick up the phone and call 911. Police immediately went to the home of the child’s father and partner, where Angel was registered as alive.

At first, the grandmother in question was just anxious for a routine checkup, just to make sure her granddaughter was okay.

After a search of the home, officers found the 5-year-old girl locked in a small closet under the stairs. she was dirty, burned, and had bruises and bruises.

Social worker Tracy Harrell, who was in contact with Angel, was assigned by police to help with the case.

Her two little hands were shaking. She had her hair partially shaved and what was unshaven was as prominent as spots on her head,” she told Fox 59, adding that she had bruises on her neck.

The little blond girl with bright blue eyes was barely recognizable.

Officers could not say for sure how long the girl had been in the closet. When Angel was asked when she last received food, she replied, “I don’t know.”

Tracy’s presence during the rescue effort turned out to be a good move on the part of the police. She immediately hugged Angel when she was taken out.

“She clung to me and wrapped her arms around me. ‘Please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me ‘” Tracy said when I dropped her off.

According to CBS, the baby was returned to her father’s custody in the spring of 2017.

Since the discovery, the father and his girlfriend have been charged with child abuse and illegal possession of weapons.

Meanwhile, Linda’s brother, his wife, and Angel’s birth mother work to gain custody of the little girl.

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