Police officers are trained for years to achieve a high level of professionalism. You have to be in good physical condition and always ready for any situation, but sometimes it happens that ordinary people are a crucial factor when it comes to catching the “bad guys”.


We have a perfect example for you. The Awesome Dozen is a group of kids from Surrey, near London. These children between the ages of 6 and 12 participated in ‘egg hunts’, as is customary in some countries. Everything happened in the field, but suddenly they saw a helicopter flying overhead in a circle.

Shortly after seeing the helicopter, they saw a suspicious man running very fast in front of them and quickly overtaking. He ran in one direction, but then went in the opposite direction and entered a nearby forest.

The kids realized he was doing this to get rid of the police, as the helicopter was back and ready to take off. Then these kids came up with an idea that showed how smart these hunters were.

At first they just waved at the suspect, but those in the helicopter didn’t notice. Then two kids got an idea: “Let’s make an arrow!”  So they all lay down on the ground and formed a huge arrow with their bodies.

a task! The police got the message and realized in time that the children were not playing, they flew into the forest by helicopter in the indicated direction and it didn’t take long before they caught the wanted criminal.


These 12 kids prove once again that every child can be a hero! The police and the whole community thanked them for their clever gesture and the speed with which they thought along!

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