This is the life story of a 41 year old mother named Amy. Her story is a wake-up call for all mothers around the world. This is what the poor woman experienced:
Amy gave birth to her sixth child by Caesarean section at a Florida hospital. For many years she suffered from terrible back pain, but she thought it was one of six pregnancies she had had, but when she went to the hospital, she found out the cause of pain.

She gave birth two months ago but started feeling severe pain in her back. After years of sitting and enduring terrible pain, Amy decided to conduct a series of imaging tests to find out what caused the pain.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that a 3cm piece of the needle with which she had undergone epidural anesthesia remained stuck in her spine.

Upon hearing this news, Amy was very scared and upset by the medical team involved in her surgery. The needle caused severe nerve damage and his left leg could no longer be used to its full capacity. She walks with difficulty and loses her balance.

“Every time I move, walk or turn, the needle travels through my spine. For 14 years I had spinal injuries from this needle moving there,” the woman says. “We just noticed it at the time. From time to time the pain spread from the left leg to the ankle.”

Despite having the needle removed from her spine, Amy is now at risk of paralysis as the nerves in her spine have deteriorated over the years.
The woman plans to sue a Florida hospital where she had a C-section.

Amy decided to go public with her story so other moms realize that anything can happen when she has surgery. This error of doctors is very serious and they must pay for their work. With a moment of inattention on the part of doctors, a person can become paralyzed for life.

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