Hanks was in need of a partner who could deliver what the audience desired. Coincidentally, Sandra Bullock was also a guest on the show and happily agreed to join Hanks in the performance. Being friends and having previously collaborated on films, Bullock was more than willing to assist Hanks, despite wearing a pair of stiletto high heels.

In the video, Hanks expresses his concerns about Bullock’s ability to play “Chopsticks” while wearing the heels. However, Bullock reassures him that she can handle it. Despite the fact that most people would struggle to even walk in those heels, Bullock astonishes everyone by flawlessly playing the piano with them. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the incredible performance delivered by the duo.

Many viewers commented on the joy of seeing two beloved performers come together to recreate the iconic movie scene. Bullock and Hanks displayed remarkable skill in playing the piano with their feet. The amazing performance they delivered on The Jonathan Ross Show can be enjoyed in the video below. You are sure to be just as impressed as those who witnessed the performance firsthand

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