Air travel can sometimes be dull or uneventful for certain passengers, leading them to bring their laptops for movie watching or listen to playlists to pass the time. Others find their own ways to make the journey more interesting.

According to the ABC7 report, a passenger decided to take matters into their own hands when the flight did not offer any in-flight entertainment. The incident was captured on video and shared on YouTube, generating quick reactions from viewers.

A user commented, “That Is A MUCH Better Class Of Airline Passenger Than The Ones Who Usually Make The News Headlines While Being Arrested & Expelled From The Plane By Police & The Pilot.” Another person remarked, “Better than a throw-down brawl on the plane lol,” emphasizing the uniqueness of the situation.

Some users praised the passenger for their ingenious idea of projecting a movie onto the cabin, with a few even humorously suggesting a Nobel Peace Prize for the inventive and creative thinking. Others expressed approval for the movie choice, acknowledging the accolades “The Patriot” received, including Academy Award nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, and Best Sound.

However, one user appeared to be critical of the encounter, stating, “If That Was Blk Person They Would Have Put Him Off The Flight. But This How Theses People Can Get Away With Everything SmDh.”

Whether the portable cinema was eventually taken down or not, the incident certainly left an impact on other passengers who were trying to relax and recharge during the flight before reaching their respective destinations

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