Whale watching is a regularly occurring activity in Hawaii. People making these trips can expect to spot these mysterious whales.

But the whale-watching boat was about to feed when a woman on board decided to cheer up the whales with her own style of music. She pulled out her violin and started playing the whale underwater. Within moments, the whales are ready to sing.

Not every day you see a whale. Likewise, whales don’t see a live show every day. In fact, more than one whale heard the song and responded to it. Whales are known to be musical creatures and sing to each other.

But who would have known that they also love to listen to sing melodies? Perhaps it was the height of the violin. Or maybe it was his rhythm. Anyway, the mother and her baby swam to the surface to make the most of the scenery.

Seeing a whale in general is an unforgettable sight. However, seeing a whale and its calf is an even more amazing sight. You can imagine how amazed whale-watchers saw them not for a fleeting moment but for an entire song!

Fortunately for this whale-watching group, this violinist took a risk and decided to play for the whales in the hope that they would surface. In turn, everyone on board was able to experience a moment when not many on Earth would have the privilege of seeing for themselves. It just goes to show that humans and animals have more in common than you might imagine.

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