Tony Trapani was 80 when his wife died, devastated and lonely after 50 years of marriage. But after the death of his wife, he found a letter that revealed a secret that changed everything

When his wife died, Tony, heartbroken, began to clear the house of the things that belonged to her. But one day he finds a letter hidden deep in a cupboard. He’d just discovered something he wasn’t ready for: the letter was addressed to him, but it belonged to another woman.

When he opened the letter and read the first few lines, he was really shocked. The letter was 56 years old and was written by a woman named Shirley, who met Tony when he was 20.

Shirley wrote to him that she often thought of Tony but that wasn’t the shocking part, at the end of the letter he found out he had a son with her named Samuel! Tony was really shocked, he had just found out he had a son for 61 years without knowing it and realized his wife was hiding the news because she couldn’t have children.

Here is what Tony confessed to Fox17: “I have no idea why my wife didn’t tell me about it. She wanted children, but she couldn’t have them, we kept trying. He’s my son, I’ve had him my whole life but I didn’t know. It is beyond me why she hid the letter “.

After Tony settles in, he finds a new purpose in life: finding his son. No sooner said than done, he found on Facebook. Metro journalists write that the meeting was emotional, especially since his son believed all his life that his father did not want to mess with him!

This amazing story shows us how everything in life can change in the blink of an eye! At age 81, Tony’s life took on a new meaning, one he’d always wanted but thought he’d never know…

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