An image common on the internet. At first glance it seems to be a strange egg hanging from the ceiling. Everyone immediately conjured up something terrifying, especially since the woman who posted the photos asked for help.

All netizens who had the opportunity to see a photo of a strange egg stuck to the ceiling shuddered. The egg falling from the ceiling of the room caused a surge of emotions and fierce controversy.

“Anyone have any idea about this?” A strange egg appeared on the ceiling.

“It’s in a friend’s son’s locker.” They’re not sure if it’s always been there and they just discovered it, or if it’s only recently appeared. It’s been a long time since they moved there. Anyone know what it is? “and what are you doing?” The narrator says. According to, Amy has posted on a popular Facebook page dedicated to Australians.

The tweet sparked a flurry of reactions, but no one could tell what was hanging from the ceiling. Many others assumed it was a bundle of spider eggs. Everyone expected to find eggs in it, and the house could be infested at any time.

One netizen commented, “If we were billions of years ago I would have said it was a dinosaur egg.”

“My husband has worked with rodents and thinks it’s a spider’s nest full of eggs. You can empty it and then spray it vigorously with insecticide.” Another online user suggested the following solution: “If it were a spider’s nest, there would be thousands of them.”

Another suggested: “I recommend a hazmat suit and bug and fire spray, stab him and see what happens, at least you’re ready.”

What exactly was that weird egg hanging from the ceiling?

When it became known what it was, everyone was speechless. Amy’s father-in-law “intervenes” by pulling his heart between his teeth and solving the mystery.

Few would have guessed that the strange egg was just a stretchy foam used on the roof of the house, penetrating the ceiling.

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