If you live in or around a wooded area, you’ve probably had your fair share of deer encounters.

They live in different parts of the country. In some areas, people try to keep them out of their vegetable gardens. However, the sight of a baby deer will melt almost any heart and make any gardener forget the flowers they ate last night.

After all, if you’ve seen Bambi, you probably have a thing for these adorable woodland creatures.

The thing is, the spotted fawn is one of the most beautiful baby animals. But what could be sweeter than a little deer? Three!

That’s exactly what a woman discovered in her living room, after leaving her back door open while closing the windows in anticipation of an impending thunderstorm.

imgur : Amscully

Imgur user Amscolie shared her story after she accidentally left her back door open as a storm started brewing outside.

She went out to check on the deer she usually cared for, but was nowhere to be found.

imgur : Amscully

Turns out they were probably one step ahead of her.

imgur : Amscully

Animals tend to have better weather sensing abilities than most humans. We don’t know exactly how they do this, but they can sense changes in atmospheric pressure or hear sounds with a frequency beyond what human ears can.

Often dogs, horses and birds tend to get excited just before a thunderstorm or other major weather event. They know something is going on.

The Amscolie deer is no exception. Three flowers slipped into her house unnoticed, thanks to the open back door.

Amscoli explains,
“I raise orphaned wild animals. Recently the back door was open as a storm approached. The deer were nowhere to be found. I walked in and he was heading for the front door, only to see them close by. ‘a coffee table in the living room. .Tell them they can sleep at home all night because it would be bad.

Instead of worrying about the storm, they should cuddle up and enjoy a relaxing night sheltered from the bad weather.

imgur : Amscully

According to Amsukli, deer show gratitude just like dogs, with lots of hearty kisses to show their appreciation!

imgur : Amscully

Amscoli is right when she writes: “But how can you say no to a face like that?”

the answer is? You simply cannot. These little Bambi are just too cute to resist!

imgur : Amscully

Credit: Pixabay; squeeze
Be kind to all kinds of life, not just humanity.

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