Her unwavering commitment to a single color is evident in Vee’s choice of clothing, accessories, and various items, all predominantly featuring shades of obsidian. The only notable exception is her vividly dyed pink hair.

The response to Vee’s distinctive style has been a mixed bag. On her social media platforms, comments questioning her penchant for monochromatic aesthetics have popped up from time to time. “I believe it’s a well-balanced use of black,” she explained to reporters. “I don’t consider it excessive, nor do I find it lacking.” Nevertheless, some viewers perceive more than mere drama in her color palette, speculating about sinister intentions behind it.

In response to these reactions, Vee expressed her perplexity, saying, “I don’t understand why people associate the color black with negativity automatically.” She recounted an incident from the past when security footage captured a passerby gazing at her home and remarking, “It’s the devil’s house,” before moving along.

In the face of such gloomy responses, Vee adopts a pragmatic approach: “I simply try to ignore it and carry on. You can’t please everyone, after all.”

When she and her partner first embarked on this all-black endeavor, Vee had concerns about how the locals would react and whether it would affect property values. She shared, “I was a bit worried about the homeowners, fearing they might think this would devalue their properties.”

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