One day, at the man’s insistence, the woman made him go upstairs and open the boxes, but was startled and burst into tears when she saw what was hidden inside the boxes.
A woman from the United States named Chris Bresnan kept a secret from her husband for 40 years. After many chests had been in the attic for years, it was time for her husband to find out what was hidden in all those chests.

This chest story began in 1975 when the two fell in love and decided to take a vacation away from the noise of busy New York City.

During the holidays, one day when they laughed and played, Chris’s husband Bill gave her a handkerchief. symbol.

This has become a habit for Bill, who every day delights his wife with a letter, love letter or postcard expressing his feelings for the most beloved person in his life, Chris. He has been giving this surprise to his wife every day for 40 years.

Unbeknownst to him, Chris kept all the letters and notes Bill gave him for 40 years and kept them in no less than 25 giant boxes in his attic.
On the 40th wedding anniversary of the lovers, Kris revealed to her husband the real reason why he was not allowed to go up to the attic to check the inbox.

When he had to search the chests, he was speechless. He hadn’t expected his wife to keep and hide all those letters for so long. The man burst into tears and hugged his wife, not knowing how to show his appreciation for this wonderful cause.

The two spent that vacation in an intimate setting, reading the words Bill had said to Chris over the years. In the meantime, they recalled the good memories and celebrated the 40th anniversary in the most beautiful way.

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