Kayla went to bed with worries about the following day, only to be pleasantly surprised in the morning. Upon checking her mailbox, she discovered her wallet intact, with every penny accounted for, along with a brief note from the man who found it. The note revealed that a homeless man named Jim had found the wallet at 5:30 that morning, and he provided his location at a local McDonald’s if Kayla wished to speak with him.

Word of Jim’s commendable deed quickly circulated around Philadelphia. When Kayla visited Jim at the McDonald’s, she brought along reporters from CBS 3 News. Jim explained to Kayla and the journalists that returning the wallet was his responsibility. Upon finding it, Jim didn’t even consider taking any of Kayla’s money; instead, he focused on locating her address. Jim expressed satisfaction in having helped the young woman.

In gratitude, Kayla rewarded Jim by giving him all the money she had in her wallet. Looking ahead, Kayla mentioned that Jim’s benevolent act serves as a reason to have faith in humanity. She also expressed her newfound inclination to perform random acts of kindness herself

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