In Greece, the number of stray dogs is in the millions. Some of these canines have a good chance of being rescued and eventually adopted, and given their large numbers, priority is given to the sick and the most disadvantaged. In this case, the rules have changed!

This pretty lady went to the beach with her dogs, and that’s when something really cool happened. On the beach, she saw this cute stray dog ​​who seemed to have stopped loving people. The dog needs attention. Obviously, she was the type to be saved from such a difficult life. She was too friendly to be ignored!

Then the woman lured the cold dog into her car and left with her. Name it blue. Soon the beautiful Blue got the gold and was adopted by a loving mother from Holland, and she is doing a great job. In fact, Blue is training hard to become a therapy dog. Marvellous!

Watch the clip here and you are sure to fall in love with this dog.

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