Regardless of the situation, if you have children, no parent should miss them. But sometimes things just don’t happen as we imagine or want and we have to face reality.

This mother did the same with two children. The fact that you are a single parent cannot be understood by those raising their children together. They have to be father and mother, or father and mother, to take care of the food, school and education of the children, a job that at least provides them with a decent income.

Whitney Kittrell has been single for three years and has been raising her two children alone ever since. The goal of the young woman is to show the children that they are loved unconditionally and that they will do their best to create beautiful memories together.

“I promised myself that I would do everything I could, even if it meant coming out of my comfort zone to give my children a normal life like other children!”, Said the mother.

One day, Whitney surprised her son Lucas when he came home from daycare. She saw him with an invitation in hand. Father’s Day and Donut Day took place in kindergarten and the young woman’s heart broke. Skilled by nature, she quickly found a solution.

Although she asked the father to go with Lucas, he refused and wanted his mother to accompany him.

Baby’s explanation is very emotional: he wanted to go with Whitney because they are his mother and father together.

Without thinking twice, on the day of the event, the mother took a T-shirt and baseball cap and drew a beard on her face.

“I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t stop smiling when he introduced me to his friends as his mother and then added that I was his father,” Whitney said.

Despite all she does and gives for her children, the young woman goes through a moment of distrust because she doesn’t know if she can raise her children properly.

I say he is a role model for all of us! Would you do something like this for your child?

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