The nervous aspiring barrister couldn’t hide her anxiety, fidgeting as she hesitated to check her exam result. With a small voice, she said, “I’m gonna cry,” while her grandmother took charge. After a dramatic pause, the room erupted in joyous screams when her grandma clicked on the page. Overwhelmed, she covered her face in her hands, and her grandpa continued to hold and congratulate her.

Lewis’s success story gained over a million likes and 18,000 shares on TikTok. The comments overflowed with congratulatory messages, and many expressed being moved to tears. One follower wrote, “I’m literally crying for you.”

A fellow law student shared, “This made me cry. I’m a first-year law student; this is a dream. Well done.” Another well-wisher added, “Congratulations! The world is yours for the taking.” Lewis’s TikTok video included a touching caption where she acknowledged her grandparents’ extraordinary sacrifice, stating, “Passing the Bar and qualifying as a Barrister is my biggest accomplishment to date. However, it would have never happened without my Grandparents, who I can only be forever grateful for.”

Lewis revealed how her grandparents took her in at the age of two, nurturing her dreams into maturity—a “most selfless act anyone could have done for me.” Despite the expensive nature of bar school, her grandparents supported her financially, even re-mortgaging their home to make her dreams a reality. In closing, Lewis emphasized that her significant achievement was a “shared accomplishment.”

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