A recent social media video featured a woman residing near a wooded area and her daily encounters with a young baby deer, independent enough to explore and curious enough to approach her regularly. The trusting deer even ventures into the woman’s home to partake in a daily bottle feeding.

In the video, the woman steps outside to check if the baby deer is nearby. After a brief wait, the deer emerges from the woods, eagerly hopping towards its human friend. The woman leads the deer inside, guiding it through the garage and into the house, ultimately reaching the kitchen. There, she prepares a sizable baby bottle for the deer, using pre-prepared milk combined with water.

Once the bottle is ready, the deer eagerly consumes its contents within seconds. The interaction between the woman and the baby deer lasts a few more minutes before the deer continues with the rest of its day. Although this ritual has been ongoing for a while, the question remains whether the deer will return after it has been weaned off milk and no longer relies on the woman for its morning bottle feed

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