Little Easton listened attentively, absorbing words that resonated deeply with him. Aware that some people might pose a threat to children at school, he found comfort in the assurance that Mr. Cross would safeguard Lester Elementary.

In March 2020, the school organized a special event called “Dress as Your Favorite Person Day.” Easton, filled with anticipation, eagerly prepared for school ahead of schedule. Amidst the array of imaginative costumes and general excitement, Easton stood out in his vibrant yellow uniform shirt. Mr. Cross was both surprised and honored, deepening his appreciation for his role.

Easton’s mom, Lauryn Blocker, shared with Good Morning America:

“He’s infatuated with Officer Cross … He will tell you, ‘That’s my best friend!'”

Meanwhile, Officer Cross chimed in:

“Most of the scholars are expected to dress as their teachers or fellow classmates … Easton, ever since the first day of school, he comes up and hugs me. He’s adorable. He has a very fun, high-spirited personality.”

Naturally, Officer Cross felt genuinely flattered by Easton’s enthusiasm. When the school shared photos of the security guard and the “junior security guard,” their heartwarming story gained viral attention.

In a world where glossy superheroes often take the spotlight, it’s not every day that students choose to honor those directly contributing positively to their well-being. For Easton, the decision to dress as Officer Cross was an easy one, expressing his gratitude to the man who ensures his safety from potential threats every single day.

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