Bob and Corinne Johnson have known each other since childhood. The two grew up in the same farming community in St. Peter, and Corinne’s brother, Harold, was Bob’s best friend. The two married on October 21, 1951 and settled at Norseland Eastview Farm. There Bob and Corinne built a life together, loving every moment they had together and had seven children.

Corinne joined him soon after when she started having heart problems. Bob and Corinne used to share the same room, and they still love each other deeply despite the problems caused by their illnesses. In a touching moment, one of the couple’s children filmed their elderly parents kissing in a hospital ward.

Shortly after the video was shot, 87-year-old Corinne’s health began to rapidly deteriorate. The octogenarian will die on November 24 of congestive heart failure.

In an interview with KARE 11, Bob and Corinne’s son Bruce revealed that Bob handled Corinne’s death very hard. After being told of his wife’s death, tears filled Bob’s eyes. When the medical staff pulled a curtain over Corinne’s bed, Bob couldn’t take his eyes off the spot where his beloved wife had last pronounced him.

Amazingly, Bob passed away just 33 hours after Corinne’s death. Speaking to KARE 11, Bruce shared how his death came as such a shock to the family that, shortly before Corinne’s death, cancer doctors said he would not succumb to his condition for several weeks.

Bob and Corinne’s children talk together at the family kitchen table, and say that since their father always put Corinne first, it made sense for him to wait until she died to leave this world.

The couple will hold a joint funeral at Scandinavian Grove Lutheran Church on Tuesday. The family says they mourn the loss of their parents, and find comfort in their incredible relationship and overwhelming love.

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