Favoring traditional ensembles, Kate Middleton usually displays a high level of common sense and elegance when attending events. Prince William’s wife’s last and most significant appearance was at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the annual Royal Variety Performance.

Kate Middleton picked for this occasion a dress that she had in her own wardrobe for several years, signed Jenny Packham, which she first showed to the public in 2019 during the royal tour of Pakistan.

Her flawless form was enhanced by the dress, but the highlight of her ensemble was the way she styled her hair. The Duchess of Cambridge’s hair is usually tangled and ornamented with various hats, or it is left untangled and slightly wavy towards the tips. Kate put her hair accessory in large curls this time, drawing the attention of all attendees to the event.

Kate was spotted by paparazzi strolling down the street with her purse open a few days ago.

Kate and Prince William attended the COP26, the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, in Glasgow in 2021, and were pictured stepping off the train, where the duchess was seen with her luggage unzipped. The duchess’s purse, which is signed by Smythson and has a worth of around 645 pounds, was also worn by Kate on other occasions.

Passers-by could see a laptop and a file with a rail in Kate’s bag. “I guess he forgot to close it,” she said. She was carrying her laptop as well as a file with a rail. Kate carries a make-up bag and skin wipes with her at all times. Given that she has three children at home, don’t you think she brought a bag of raisins and a muesli cereal bar with her? According to, the contents of the duchess’s bag became the subject of discussion.

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