Andrew provided further insights into the incident during an interview with Eyewitness News 3.

She recounted that earlier in the week, she and her husband had taken their daughter to urgent care due to her spiking fever. The medical examination revealed fluid in her lungs, but the doctors allowed them to take her home with the condition that they would closely monitor her and consult their pediatrician later in the week. The following day, Henry began to sound the alarm.

“I could hear the sound of his head hitting the door, and I could see her bedroom door swing open from downstairs. I realized he had entered the room, so I tried to shoo him away,” Andrew shared with the local news outlet. “But he persisted until he woke her up.”

“When she started crying, her cry was unusual. I brought her downstairs, and I could tell she was in serious distress. We attempted to suction out some of the fluid, as advised, but she began turning blue and stiff,” Andrew added.

Fortunately, Andrew’s child made a full recovery, although Dr. John Brancato of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center noted that the baby had been “struggling badly.”

“As far as I know, the baby is doing very well,” Brancato remarked, and when questioned about whether he believed Henry sensed something was amiss, the doctor replied in the affirmative.

“I think he did, because it was highly unusual for him to persistently try to enter the room after being told not to,” the doctor stated.

Andrew expressed her gratitude for Henry’s presence, stating, “I am thankful that Henry was there. If he had not taken any action and she had struggled on her own, who knows what could have transpired? So, I am truly relieved that he woke her up.”

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