In a remarkable act of bravery, 11-year-old Connor Fitz-Gerald came to the rescue when he discovered a young girl, Alyssa, buried alive in the sand. With no adults around, Connor’s instincts kicked in as he sensed something was wrong and quickly took action to free her.

A Critical Rescue: Connor noticed one of Alyssa’s belongings in the sand, indicating that she was trapped. Realizing the urgency of the situation, he immediately began digging to free her. His thoughtful approach focused on unearthing the area around her head first, where he believed she would be located.

Life-Saving CPR: Once Connor pulled Alyssa from the sand, he found her unconscious and with sand obstructing her airways. Drawing inspiration from an episode of the television show NCIS, he remembered how CPR was performed and decided to attempt it himself. His quick thinking and knowledge of CPR played a vital role in saving Alyssa’s life that day.

A Happy Outcome: Alyssa’s parents returned to the scene and were shocked by what had transpired. They called 911, and paramedics confirmed that without Connor’s immediate intervention, the situation could have been fatal. Thankfully, Alyssa made a full recovery, much to the relief of her grateful parents. Connor’s father expressed immense pride in his son’s heroic actions, and they are both thankful for the positive outcome.

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