The optimal resolution for both mother and baby involves a natural birthing process—specifically, a vaginal delivery where the baby emerges headfirst. Surprisingly, in nearly half of all breech cases, achieving this is entirely feasible.

In many instances, the baby can be manually guided into the correct position. In layman’s terms, this process is referred to as turning the baby, while its technical name is external cephalic version (ECV), according to Healthline.

Contrary to expectations of difficulty, pain, or prolonged duration, the procedure can be completed in as little as two minutes by a skilled and experienced practitioner, with the mother able to remain completely at ease.

Witnessing a video of a serene mother undergoing this entirely non-invasive procedure highlights its potential to avert major surgery if successful. In the midst of the process, the mother even experiences a moment of laughter as she perceives the peculiar sensation of the baby turning.

The sequence begins with an ultrasound providing a glimpse of the baby’s position. Subsequently, the doctor calmly communicates with the expectant mother, elucidating the forthcoming procedure. Gel, seemingly from the ultrasound, is applied to her stomach, serving as a lubricant. The doctor then tactfully assesses the baby’s position and gently guides the baby into the desired orientation. As visible progress unfolds, the mother breaks into spontaneous laughter

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