Despite leading a fulfilling and happy life, Cindy Crawford has not been able to avoid the scrutinizing gaze of the public. In a 2017 interview with The Cut, the iconic supermodel candidly discussed the challenges of aging and shared her sentiments as a woman in her 50s:

“Everything changes: your skin, your hair, and your body. I take care of myself, but I know that I’m a 51-year-old woman. There are times when that’s hard, and I’m also sure it’s hard for my sisters who aren’t models.”

Crawford also reflected on how aging has impacted her career as a model:

“You feel a little apologetic that you can’t deliver in the same way that you could when you were 20 or 25. … I want to do my job well, and I want to deliver, but I also know that what I have to offer now is different from what I had to offer at 25.”

In an interview with New Beauty, Crawford emphasized that her current goals revolve around looking and feeling great for her age rather than futilely pursuing eternal youth:

“No matter what I do, I’m not going to look 20, or 30. I just want to look great for 50. I exercise, eat healthy, and take really good care of my skin. There’s pressure on women to do the undoable, which is not age. But it’s about looking great for however old you are, regardless of what that number is.”

In February 2023, Crawford shared a video on Instagram showcasing her natural beauty, captioned, “Baby hairs in the sauna.” While many praised her stunning appearance, some raised questions.

One person specifically asked, “Where is your iconic mole?” referring to the beauty mark above her lip, which was not visible in the video.

Another commenter expressed, “Disgusted by the comments on here. She’s a beautiful aging woman❤️ Stop tearing women down. We need to build each other up.”

A different individual remarked, “You look so different here.”

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