As per Morgan’s Wonderland official website, the inspiration for Gordon to create the amusement park stemmed from observing how other children interacted with his daughter, who is on the autism spectrum.

At the age of 12, Morgan faced challenges in forming connections with peers. Gordon was determined to provide her with an environment where she could connect with others her age, as their visits to a public pool revealed that other children struggled to engage with Morgan. Instead of joining in the pool activities, Morgan often found herself sitting on the sidelines.

Motivated by his daughter’s experience and his own sadness, Gordon set a new goal: to find or create a public place where Morgan could socialize comfortably and without isolation. When he realized that such a place did not exist, he took it upon himself to bring it into existence.

According to PEOPLE magazine, Gordon organized multiple fundraising efforts and collaborated with architects, engineers, doctors, and therapists. He successfully raised $35 million to develop the park, and construction commenced in 2007.

In April 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland, a fully accessible park, opened its doors to people of all abilities. Within the park, there is also a water park named Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

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