The passenger’s behavior triggered an immediate response, leading the chief pilot to summon aviation security, border services, the airport’s medical center, and even the police to the location.

Fellow passengers recounted witnessing the woman’s daring move onto the aircraft’s wing upon landing, as her children inside the plane pointed at her and exclaimed, “that’s our mom!” This account was further confirmed by multiple witnesses.

The incident quickly gained traction on social media after a video of the event surfaced, leaving many users astonished by the passenger’s audacious actions. The airline announced that the woman would be subjected to a significant financial penalty for her behavior.

Despite her peculiar actions, authorities confirmed that the woman had tested negative for both drugs and alcohol in her system. The airline has taken a firm stance by prohibiting her from flying with them in the future, citing her “blacklisting for blatant violation of aviation safety regulations and onboard conduct.”

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