Thanks to a loving family and a dog with a big, warm heart, an abandoned kitten has found her new home, where she will receive all the love and care she deserves.


The poor cat was found alone by the side of the road, weak and emaciated. She was apparently rejected by her mother and had little chance of surviving on her own. Fortunately, the family found her and gave her a second chance at life.


Without hesitation, the family brought the little house and named it Ichimi. However, on their way home, they were concerned about their golden retriever dog, Ponzu.

The family has taken care of several homeless cats, so Ponzu has a chance to take care of the kittens and she seems to like them very much. Sadly, Ponzu had to say goodbye to his old foster cats after finding new homes forever.

After everything that had happened, they wondered if Ponzu would accept the new itchy kitten. But luckily, what happened when the two animals met made their hearts melt. The moment Ichimi appeared at the house, Ponzu immediately fell in love and began to take care of her.


“The two immediately bonded and now Ponzu is protecting his kitten and refusing to let it out of sight.” They are so connected that they do everything together. What a soft and strong bond!


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