Fernandes was not alone in his efforts to manage the traffic; other drivers and pedestrians also lent their assistance. Onlookers halted their cars to witness the anaconda’s leisurely journey across the highway.

While some individuals remained too frightened to leave their vehicles, others chose to document the entire event.

When questioned about his daring act, Fernandes explained that he felt a sense of duty, as he believed that numerous people might have callously run over the snake and driven off.

“It was a beautiful sight,” he shared with The Dodo. Fernandes firmly believes that there is no reason to harm these enchanting creatures, as they only resort to aggression when provoked.

Upon safely reaching the opposite side of the road, the anaconda gracefully disappeared into the nearby woods. A respected Brazilian biologist named Flavio Terassini commended Fernandes for his heroic deed when he spoke to G1 Globo. The highway is a perilous crossing point for many anacondas, often resulting in their tragic demise along the roadside

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