When organizing a wedding, there are many elements that can cause stress and pressure on future spouses.

Whether we are talking about the organization of the party, the number of guests, the menu, the clothes, but also the constant and frequent intervention of the parents of the spouses who want this day to be practically perfect. All these interventions are sometimes really overdone and out of place.

In a conversation that took place on the Reddit platform, an anonymous 23-year-old user shared the experience he went through during the preparations for his wedding; the man not only claimed that the organization had turned into a nightmare, but that his mother-in-law’s misplaced demands had only made the situation worse. The man said that “the mother of his fiancée continued to push the boundaries and change the plans that the two young men had in mind for organizing a ‘decent’ marriage and she did all these things without any embarrassment.”

An attitude that the future bride, who seemed to share some views with her mother, also borrowed. In fact, the couple had decided that his 9-year-old sister, who was disabled and suffering from a mild form of cerebral palsy, would be the bridesmaid. But this did not prove to be a good idea for the mother-in-law or for the future wife

In fact, the girlfriend told the man that they had made the “wrong choice” for the bridesmaid: “She told me that she was not sure how my sister would behave at the wedding and that I should not have taken that risk, and I chose her niece instead, but I was convinced of my idea by telling her that I would not do it since I had given my word to my sister and my parents. By no means will I upset and grieve her by announcing that my future wife’s niece will take her place. ”

In response, the fiancée suggested to her, as did her mother, that her 9-year-old sister might wear the bridesmaid’s dress, but sit in the crowd with guests without scattering flowers in the aisle because “because of her problems.

We cannot know how he will behave at that moment. ” A response that generated hundreds of supportive comments for the 23-year-old boy.

What would you do if you were in such an unpleasant situation?

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