Baby Boy, the canine in question, is an adorable white furball who made a special appearance in the courtroom. The female defendant asserted that she had purchased the dog for a mere $50 outside a shopping mall and insisted she was the sole owner. Meanwhile, the man who had brought the charges against her tearfully explained in court that Baby Boy was like his own child.

Despite the woman presenting photographs of the dog and paperwork from the veterinarian’s office in an effort to prove her ownership, Judge Judy harbored doubts about the true guardian of the pet.

In a groundbreaking decision, Judge Judy recognized that the only one capable of identifying Baby Boy’s true owner was the dog himself! Since Baby Boy was physically present in the courthouse, the judge instructed someone to bring him into the room and directed them to place the dog on the ground to ascertain his owner by observing whom he approached first. The courtroom held its breath as the dog took matters into his own paws, revealing his real owner. Fortunately, this heartwarming reunion was captured on video.

Ultimately, it was revealed that Baby Boy belonged to the man. A viral video of this touching reunion continues to resonate with viewers, even a decade later. It has amassed over 7.8 million views and numerous comments celebrating the emotional moment. One comment succinctly captured the sentiment:

“If a grown man is brought to tears upon seeing his dog again, it unquestionably is his dog.”

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