With the myriad of competition-based reality shows on TV, it can be hard to outsmart the other contestants and stand out in your own way in a vast sea of ​​talent. Since “American Idol” has been on the air for so long, you might think you’ve seen all that it has to offer.

However, we sometimes witness contestants touching our hearts with their unique stories in a way that will never be forgotten. Such was the case for Demetrius Graham, the 27-year-old candidate. As he headed to the stage for his most important performance yet, he had other things on his mind.

But what was Demetrius thinking? Her beautiful mother, Lauren, was scheduled to have surgery the day after her performance. Because she was ill and therefore unable to attend the show and see her son perform, he wanted to make sure she would still be able to watch him somehow.

Of course, the judges agreed to his requests and decided to FaceTime his mother as he climbed the podium. Judge Katy Perry addressed kind words to the mother, calling on angels to guard her during her operation.

When Demetrius begins singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” by legendary singer Bette Midler, Katie begins to feel emotional as she holds the phone as Lauren watches her son’s amazing performance.

But that’s when the pop star started crying. She couldn’t even open her eyes to watch what was happening on the stage, and instead took advantage of the moment to listen and let her emotions take over in the form of tears. When the show ended, Perry and Lauren were amazed at Demetrius’ talent and vocal ability.

But this isn’t the only time emotions have run high on American Idol. Another contestant named Colby Swift was performing when something amazing happened. Colby sings country music and is just a teenager trying his best to be on the show. But one of the judges was about to surprise him with something he hadn’t expected!

Although singing in front of the idol judges was his first time performing in front of a large crowd, he never took singing lessons. However, as soon as he stepped onto the stage, he amazed everyone with his talent and ability to sing with all his heart!

But one of the judges, country singer Luke Bryan, noticed something about her attire during the performance. When Colby finished, Locke asked to see his shoes. To everyone’s surprise, Colby’s cowboy boots were tattered and worn out, even with holes in their soles! That’s when Luke, who is known for being a nice person, decided to get her something.

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