The TikTok spread of a woman named Liz San Millan singing herself due to her surreal appearance.

“Oh. Lee. My God!” Liz screams and turns to see her mother’s leg dangling slightly through the ceiling between the loose insulation and the hanging shards of drywall.

Liz told BuzzFeed News that she recently moved to New York to attend musical theater school. She was recording herself at her parents’ house singing “Kindergarten Boyfriend” from Heathers: The Musical as practice for her upcoming class placement exams.

Her mother was in the attic looking for luggage to help her get around when she tripped and fell.

The 10 second video begins with Liz beautifully singing a high register melody. She stares at the camera for a moment before her mother explodes…except…not where she thinks. Watch only:

@lizziejane_ live footage of my mom telling me to break a leg #FreezeFramePhoto #GardenProject #shesokay #breakaleg #ceiling #musical #fyp ♬ original sound – liz
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