In an interview with News4Jax in October 2021, Combs shared her thoughts when her twins were five months old, emphasizing the rarity of their condition while expressing her deep love for them. Describing them as her “little gems,” she highlighted that the twins were mono-di twins, having separate sacs but sharing the same placenta, making them identical. She noted the exceptional rarity of mono-di twins and the even more uncommon combination with Down syndrome, occurring in approximately one in 2 million cases.

As a devoted mother, Combs conveyed a powerful message about her daughters, emphasizing their shared humanity with other babies. She stressed that, despite any developmental differences, her twins have feelings, beating hearts, and the ability to communicate and learn. Recognizing their tenacity and joyfulness, she assured that, although their progress might be slightly delayed, they would achieve their milestones.

For Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Combs urged people to recognize that children with the condition are no different from others, emphasizing her commitment to treating her daughters with the same love and expectations as any other child. Acknowledging the challenges of raising a child with Down syndrome in a world that sometimes treats them differently, she and her family are actively working to challenge stereotypes and negativity through their TikTok channel.

In closing, the narrative extended heartfelt wishes to the beautiful twins and their supportive family, expressing hope for a positive and inclusive future

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