A female cyclist in London was subjected to harassment by the occupants of a gray lorry while waiting at a red light. The incident was captured on video by a GoPro camera attached to a nearby motorcycle helmet. As the light turned red, one of the men inside the lorry asked the cyclist for her number. When she refused and hit the side of the lorry, the man insulted her and asked if she was on her period.

As the light turned green, the lorry drove away with its occupants giving the middle finger. However, the cyclist pursued them and caught up with them when they stopped. She then took revenge by ripping off the lorry’s side mirror.

The incident highlights the issue of harassment faced by female cyclists on the road. It also shows the importance of capturing incidents on camera to hold perpetrators accountable. The cyclist’s actions may be seen as extreme, but it also shows that victims of harassment have the right to defend themselves and stand up against their aggressors.

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