We don’t think much about automation, but it’s all around us. One of the greatest examples of automation is the advent of self-checkout machines in pharmacies and supermarkets. Self-checkouts allow customers to check in themselves instead of being checked in by a cashier.

While the employee usually stands guard in the self-checkout area to protect against shoplifting and dishonesty, the proliferation of self-checkouts means stores don’t need to hire many workers, which reduces job opportunities.

However, some people resist automation by refusing to use self-checkouts and kiosks. A study conducted by Dalhousie University in Canada found that most buyers prefer to pay for their goods the old-fashioned way.

While two-thirds of survey respondents said they had ever used self-service payment machines, only 11% mentioned these machines as their preferred method of payment. Experts speculate that there may be a myriad of reasons behind this heightened reaction to self-checkout kiosks.

Besides cutting jobs, many people prefer the face-to-face interaction that comes with the traditional way of paying for purchases.

As automation continues to grow and expand, this debate will only intensify

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