A heartwarming video of students standing up from their church pews during a wedding ceremony to perform ‘Chapel of Love’ has gone viral on YouTube. The video, posted on The Music Depot’s YouTube page, has garnered almost 14 million views and has received overwhelming positive feedback from viewers worldwide.

In the video’s description, The Music Depot thanked the students and parents, the bride Shannon for inviting them to be a part of her special day, and the accommodating minister at St. John’s Church.

The performance has brought joy and hope to viewers, with one commenter expressing that “nice things still happen in this world” and commending the kids for their effort. Another viewer shared that the performance was greater than any gift the couple could ever ask for and was “simply beautiful to say the least.”

Many viewers took the opportunity to wish the newlyweds a happy future together, expressing their admiration for the performance and the lasting memory it created.

As Shannon and Rick approach their eighth wedding anniversary in June 2021, viewers eagerly await an update on their relationship and hope to see more heartwarming performances like this in the future.

Overall, the video of the surprise performance during the wedding ceremony has shown that music and love can truly bring people together and spread happiness and positivity to those around them.

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