When CCTV caught three teenagers walking the streets of Nysa one evening, it was natural to be suspicious. Why do teenagers hang out after dark? Their intentions were unclear.

The three teenagers walked to a park bench. They approached a homeless man and asked him what he wanted. The man asked for a blanket to keep him warm at night instead of money.

The teenagers, later identified as Szymon, Wojtek and Marcin, agreed to the man’s request. They find a used but clean blanket for their homeless friend. They gave the blanket to the man, hugged him and let him sleep.

The teenagers hoped to hear nothing after their good deed. after all; There were no witnesses in sight.

Through CCTV footage, society learned of the boys’ act. Teenagers didn’t want attention or appreciation. They wanted to help someone in difficulty. It’s not everyday that we see random acts of kindness. They deserve a warm welcome.

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