In an interview with Paper City, Love characterized the establishment as “an incredibly intimate dining space, featuring white tablecloths and providing seating for 40 in the main dining area, along with a bar accommodating six patrons.”

He explained that Caterina’s strives to offer a dining experience that patrons will savor. Love stated, “At Caterina’s, guests will indulge in a multi-course meal. It’s a leisurely, or what I like to call analog dining experience, where the entire ambiance encourages you to take your time. Throughout the meal, there will be delightful surprises,” the owner revealed.

That’s why the restaurant kindly requests that diners stow their phones away while enjoying Caterina’s unique experience. In an interview with a local Texas news outlet, Love expressed, “We kindly ask our guests to place their phones in a designated bag.” Love went on to explain, “We’ve already had that happen. Some people may forget and have their phone in their pocket. We provide them with a bag, and they willingly place their phone inside. It’s not a significant issue.”

Love mentioned that if you can’t bear to part with your phone, you might want to consider dining elsewhere. “If you absolutely can’t do without your phone for two hours, then this may not be the ideal place for you,” the owner asserted. “I mean, people go to the movies without using their phones,” he added.

Amidst the chaos of the outside world, the proprietor of multiple restaurants shared that this novel approach to dining is not offered by every establishment. “We wanted to create something truly exceptional,” the chef and owner conveyed

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