As reported by CBC News, Krista Lawrence was camping with her family in Nordeg at Upper Shunda Creek Campground and was there to shoot the amazing video. The family returned to the camp after spending their day fishing and having fun. They were shocked to find out what they had done and could not control their laughter because they kept the camera trained on the thief.

“My dad saw it first and started laughing, uncontrollably,” Krista told CBC News. “And I just looked and there he was pulling the pulley under the door – pulling and pulling and pulling.”

The family saw a little squirrel trying to pick up toilet paper as quickly as possible from a stop near the men’s restroom. Krista said it went on for hours. I was shocked to see that the squirrel didn’t seem to be afraid of humans at all.

I told the news that the squirrel went back to the toilet ten times during the night to pick up more toilet paper. He will then disappear into the woods with his treasure. She said they had no idea how much he got away with. Looks like he really knows what he’s doing!

The next morning they realized that the little thief had even managed to open the door and enter the women’s bathroom. They think he has a wonderful nest somewhere in the woods. They also believe the creature is trying to make the best nest possible before winter hits. Looks like he had plenty of chances to grab as much toilet paper as possible!

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